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San Francisco, California


United States


Pantheon is the leading WebOps platform for Drupal, running more than 300,000 sites in the cloud and serving over 10 billion pageviews a month. Pantheon delivers the fastest, most secure platform for developing, testing, and hosting websites. Pantheon's collaboration tools enable web teams to iterate on their websites daily and launch new campaigns and features regularly.

Achieve more value from your website with Pantheon's WebOps platform:

  • High Performance Hosting - Build best-in-class Drupal sites with scalable infrastructure and a lightning-fast content delivery network.
  • Professional Developer Tools - Supercharge your web development team with the tools they need to keep projects on time.
  • Automated Workflows- Empower your web team to develop, test, and launch new sites in real time with industry standard Git-based workflows.
  • Dependable Website Security - Protect your Drupal sites with secure infrastructure, carefully configured access to resources, and best practices around data safety and retention.

Read some of our case studies:


Pantheon is an active contributor to the Drupal project, making useful code contributions and organizing awesome community events. Pantheon also sponsors over a dozen Drupal Camps per year and provides free hosting to a wide variety of open source projects.

Projects supported

# Project Maintainer Downloads Stars SA coverage
1 Backup and Migrate ronan 3115307 82 covered
2 Panopoly populist 239756 27 covered
3 Site Audit FluxSauce 133000 38 covered
4 Generate Errors FluxSauce 9268 1 covered
5 Template Mapper stevector 382 0 not covered
6 Search API Pantheon stevector 55873 1 covered
7 LCache David Strauss 4258 8 not covered
8 Drupal 8 Cache Backport Fabianx 12594 8 covered
9 Pantheon Advanced Page Cache David Strauss 52995 13 covered
10 aboutus newyork1 0 not covered
11 Lightfoot David Strauss 196 0 covered
12 Automatic Updates hestenet 143 34 covered
13 Fastly Admin z1pp3r 0 not covered