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Portland, Oregon, USA


The Drupal Association is an educational non-profit organization that tasks itself with fostering and supporting the Drupal software project, the community and its growth. Supported by both individual members and organizations, the Association uses its resources, network and funds to constantly engage in new projects and initiatives to help educate people about Drupal and support the growth of the Drupal project.

The Drupal Association is funded by memberships, donations and proceeds from events such as DrupalCon. Help the Drupal Association fulfill its mission by becoming a member or donating.



To establish the community-built Drupal software as the leading platform for the Web.

Mission Statement

Drupal powers the best of the Web.  The Drupal Association unites a global open source community to build and promote Drupal.


The Drupal Association shares the values of our community, our staff, and open source projects:

  • COMMUNICATION: We value communication. We seek community participation. We are open and transparent.
  • RESPECT: We respect and value inclusivity in our global community and strive to recognize, understand, and respond to its needs.
  • ACTION: We act decisively and proactively, embracing what we learn from both our successes and our mistakes.
  • FUN: We create environments that embrace humor resulting in fun, positive, supportive and safe interactions.
  • TEAMWORK: We add value to the Drupal community by helping each other solve problems to create quality human and digital experiences.

The Drupal Association is funded by memberships, donations and proceeds from events such as DrupalCon. Help the Drupal Association fulfill its mission by becoming a member or donating.

The Drupal Association has no authority over the planning, functionality and development of the Drupal software.

For more information please consult our FAQ.

Projects supported

# Project Maintainer Downloads Stars SA coverage
1 Panels merlinofchaos 3644319 112 covered
2 Conference Organizing Distribution japerry 148277 6 covered
3 Drupal.org customizations dww 2571 12 covered
4 Homebox drumm 161947 22 covered
5 Bakery Single Sign-On System David Strauss 37952 6 not covered
6 Conference Organizing Distribution Support Modules japerry 23585 0 covered
7 Search API Database Search drunken monkey 680928 12 covered
8 DrupalCon base theme drumm 839 0 not covered
9 Drupal.org cross-site customizations drumm 1202 2 not covered
10 Ticket jyee 7913 4 not covered
11 dev infrastructure containers ricardoamaro 0 not covered
12 packages.drupal.org Mixologic 305 3 covered
13 India Vat japerry 0 not covered
14 Distil Registration Mixologic 363 1 not covered
15 Message follow drumm 1401 1 covered
16 COD Visa Letters japerry 193 0 not covered
17 Deploy Contributions HasinaNjaratin 161 1 not covered
18 vactory testimonials mdmanouwer 0 not covered
19 Install Contrib Module HasinaNjaratin 252 1 not covered
20 Views Inject View Results Michael Dajewski 0 not covered
21 AdminLTE - Fully responsive admin template itpathsolutions 5319 9 not covered
22 ccavenue suresh2127 0 not covered
23 Bonjour Khalid elamri.khalid 0 not covered
24 Hello Khalid elamri.khalid 0 not covered
25 Spy manip HasinaNjaratin 85 0 not covered
26 NgeBlog Supriono 0 not covered
27 Content Node Block Jaber ME 0 not covered
28 Role based Username Login dureaghin 268 0 not covered
29 Simple Ajax Load dibyendu4all 0 not covered
30 ecav.brno.trial ecav.brno.trial 0 not covered
31 Say Hello Dialogflow ChS 93 2 not covered
32 Photo Slideshow Amrendra 0 not covered
33 Magic Wallpapers Amrendra 0 not covered
34 Demo Sandbox module2 wperels 0 not covered
35 Demo Sandbox module3 wperels 0 not covered
36 Ubercart pay admin order informatique clouturier christophe 0 not covered
37 Paypal Donations Button itpathsolutions 62 0 not covered
38 Automatic Updates hestenet 143 34 covered
39 Ubercart Paytm Integration mraheem415@gmail.com 0 not covered
40 site_under_maintenance Amrendra 0 not covered
41 Absolute url Token Riadh Rahmi 45 1 not covered
42 Views webticker display style Riadh Rahmi 32 1 not covered
43 GAV Base greyghost 0 not covered
44 Drelenium @drupaldiva 0 not covered
45 Chinese city picker - 中国省市区联动 Ng.Albert 1 not covered
46 Announce hestenet 2 not covered
47 Lucid Util sayyedhali 0 not covered
48 Migrate Joomla content and users Hasmuddin 2 not covered