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Kelowna, BC


Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States


Acro Media is a Drupal Commerce agency redefining the online retail experience and frees organizations from the limitations of restrictive proprietary platforms. By leveraging Drupal and Drupal Commerce, we empower businesses to adapt technology for their existing business systems and create ideal experiences for their customers.

On February 1st 2016 we acquired the Commerce Guys' service division for the United States and Canada. We were the exclusive delivery partner for all commerce-related projects identified by Commerce Guys for a 3 year term (ended Feb 1st 2019). We continue to be close partners with Commerce Guys to help drive forward the Drupal Commerce platform.

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Acro Media has been building and maintaining Drupal websites for our clients for the past 8 years. We have a team of 50+ Drupal developers that are active within the Drupal community contributing to patches, helping in support forums, & supporting projects.

As leaders in Drupal Commerce development our focus is on advancing the platform and educating the masses of its capabilities. We built a fully functioning Drupal Commerce demo site that we use for developing new features and modules and showcasing this powerful platform to prospective clients.

In an effort to bring more focus to our contrib efforts and help the Drupal Commerce ecosystem, Acro Media will be providing development help to a small list of the most commonly needed contrib modules for Drupal Commerce. We will dedicate 1 full developer worth of time to this project. To learn more about this initiative read our blog post.

Modules Developed and/or Maintained

BigCommerce for Drupal
The module facilitates an agile headless commerce architecture for merchants by decoupling Drupal’s powerful front-end CMS and BigCommerce’s scalable commerce engine.

Commerce Point of Sale (POS)
A Point of Sale interface for Drupal Commerce, allowing administrators to log in and process payments and returns via an AJAX form interface.

Commerce Fulfillment
Created to ease the process of order fulfillment using the Commerce module. Allows admin to create packages and shipments, customize packing slips and shipping labels, all from within the Drupal admin section. Has an attractive, easy to use UI.

Commerce Wishlist
This module provides a Wishlist to use with Drupal Commerce. Provides an “Add to Wishlist” button on the display product node.

Commerce QuickLook
Commerce QuickLook adds a themeable link to products that allows for a more detailed display of the product when browsing.

Facebook Album
Facebook Album provides a simple block to display public Facebook Page Albums in a gallery and optionally in a Colorbox popup. This module is being used on over 200 websites.

Commerce XLS Import
Commerce Payment Methods Field
Commerce Quickbooks Online UI
Commerce Amazon MWS
Commerce PSiGate
Content Manual Review
Form Confront
Form API Keybinds
Facet API Active Tags
Ubercart Volume Pricing

Commits to Modules

Commerce Pickup, Entity cache for Drupal Commerce, Commerce Discount, Commerce Migrate, Commerce Recurring Framework, Drupal Commerce, Custom Template Suggestions (CTS), Site Disclaimer, UC Wish List, MailChimp, Webform Classes, Search API attachments, Ajax Timeline, Field Defaults, Commerce Invoice Receipt, Commerce Ebay, Act-On Integration, Search API, Commerce Kickstart, Commerce Responsive UI, Commerce Reviews, Commerce Payment Methods Field, Audit Log, Commerce BluePay, Commerce FedEx, Commerce CyberSource SASOP, Commerce Reorder, Commerce Shipment Message Integration, Commerce Add to Cart Extras, Commerce Checkout Progress, Card Payments by Commerce Cardinity, Measurement Protocol, Commerce Authorize.Net, Commerce Wishlists as Orders, Commerce Bundle Helper, Commerce Shipment, Advanced queue, Address Field, Commerce Message, OpenID Connect Single Sign-on, WebHost Manager (WHM) Integration

Projects supported

# Project Maintainer Downloads Stars SA coverage
1 Drupal Commerce Quickbooks Webconnect steve.colson 4633 8 covered
2 Commerce Migrate bojanz 84599 11 covered
3 Commerce Wishlist fall_0ut 29725 13 covered
4 Commerce Installments BassistJimmyJam 1995 0 covered
5 Commerce Moneris ionut.alexuc 9092 1 covered
6 Search API Multi Index Facets larowlan 4236 0 covered
7 Commerce Ajax Add to Cart subhojit777 27343 13 covered
8 Commerce Point of Sale (POS) smccabe 16800 34 covered
9 Ubercart Volume Pricing b_sharpe 3669 1 covered
10 Facebook Album b_sharpe 7640 4 covered
11 Commerce Fraud Ralt 1354 1 not covered
12 Quickbooks Online API mstef 1916 0 covered
13 Commerce XLS Import cbanman 2426 1 not covered
14 Commerce Fulfillment EvanSchisler 2207 4 covered
15 Apache Solr Search - Results Per Page Scott Robertson 0 not covered
16 Facet API Active Tags Scott Robertson 0 not covered
17 Form API Keybinds Scott Robertson 972 0 covered
18 Point of Sale Scott Robertson 0 not covered
19 Content Manual Review smccabe 0 not covered
20 Commerce PSiGate davenelson 430 0 covered
21 Commerce Amazon MWS splendidles 1 not covered
22 Commerce QuickLook TimRutherford 1362 5 covered
23 Commerce Quickbooks Online UI mlevasseur 610 1 not covered
24 Commerce Payment Methods Field joshmiller 0 not covered
25 Form Confront splendidles 0 not covered
26 ListJs subhojit777 2766 4 covered
27 Feeds Missing Functionality nvahalik 0 not covered
28 Rules String Length (rules_strlen) joshmiller 0 not covered
29 Commerce Order Sub-total joshmiller 0 not covered
30 Lead Triage Hubbs 0 not covered
31 Commerce Paymentree tbradbury 495 0 not covered
32 Commerce Stacking Dimensions joshmiller 0 not covered
33 Commerce Bootstrap cbildstein 0 not covered
34 facebook_feed joshmiller 0 not covered
35 commerce_return_request joshmiller 0 not covered
36 Ubercart Fraud thejacer87 0 not covered
37 jQuery Print Scott Robertson 2066 0 covered
38 commerce_wishlist joshmiller 0 not covered
39 Commerce Product Popup splendidles 0 not covered
40 wishlist_template joshmiller 0 not covered
41 Commerce Quickbooks Enterprise mlevasseur 0 not covered
42 Drupal 8 migration (source) Berdir 3980 2 covered
43 Commerce Purchase Order Manager (commerce_pom) shabana.navas 450 4 not covered
44 Commerce Images (commerce_images) shabana.navas 445 4 not covered
45 Commerce add to cart confirmation - fork sorabh.v6 1 not covered
46 Commerce Simple Order System shabana.navas 0 not covered
47 Commerce Shipping Price Matrix krystalcode 701 1 not covered
48 Material Design Components AaronChristian 1563 10 not covered
49 Commerce Payment Onsite Gateway krystalcode 0 not covered
50 Commerce Payment Onsite krystalcode 1038 2 not covered
51 Commerce Price Rules krystalcode 0 not covered
52 Commerce Price Rule krystalcode 994 7 not covered
53 Commerce Cart Checkout Panes krystalcode 0 not covered
54 Commerce postcode delivery gauravjeet 2871 5 covered
55 Migrate Sync krystalcode 0 not covered
56 Entity Popup - fork sorabh.v6 0 not covered
57 Commerce loyalty points gauravjeet 3030 8 covered
58 Hubspot API thejacer87 4303 3 not covered
59 Migrate source UI hl17 1915 8 covered
60 Commerce sales popup gauravjeet 479 2 covered
61 Azure API thejacer87 0 not covered
62 Commerce Costs tbradbury 1189 8 covered
63 Autotrader CSV joshmiller 434 1 not covered
64 Commerce Authorize.Net Accept alexpott 105 1 not covered
65 Customers Canvas joshmiller 373 2 not covered
66 jQuery Migrate 3.x dabbor 1302 2 not covered
67 Ratchet smccabe 0 not covered
68 Commerce Amazon MWS D8 krystalcode 136 0 not covered
69 Commerce Stripe Payment Request shabana.navas 0 not covered
70 SilverPop Engage D8 shabana.navas 0 not covered
71 PASETO smccabe 0 not covered
72 Commerce Cart Advanced krystalcode 906 9 not covered
73 Commerce Paymetric TylerMarshall 109 1 not covered
74 Commerce Bambora krystalcode 113 0 not covered
75 Commerce Canada Post D8 krystalcode 0 not covered
76 Unverified User Report joshmiller 126 1 not covered
77 Equivalency Weight thejacer87 0 not covered
78 Commerce Equivalency Weight thejacer87 64 1 not covered
79 Statistics API D8 krystalcode 0 not covered
80 Commerce Order Reports tbradbury 0 not covered
81 PHP PDFTK cbanman 29 0 not covered
82 Commerce Variation Add-on gmem 219 3 not covered
83 Entity Quicklook sgalata 402 9 not covered
84 Commerce Approve gmem 437 1 not covered
85 Email Domain Validate MXR pbrown063 0 not covered
86 Alexander's Printing API gmem 309 2 not covered
87 Commerce Quantity Pricing gmem 452 4 not covered
88 Entity Strip EvanSchisler 0 not covered
89 BigCommerce alexpott 167 6 covered
90 Elastic APM shabana.navas 0 not covered
91 Commerce Attributes krystalcode 0 not covered
92 Commerce HubSpot krystalcode 0 not covered
93 Drupal Commerce Bluesnap shabana.navas 0 not covered
94 Commerce setting lock kkumaren 101 0 not covered
95 Commerce Sheets krystalcode 0 not covered
96 Personalization Token Hubbs 4 not covered
97 SSP Auth thenchev 0 not covered
98 Webform Pardot Safallia Joseph 0 not covered