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Vienna, Austria




jobiqo is a web development company from Austria that focuses on creating e-recruitment platforms with Drupal.

Our solution provides scalable and easy-to-use hosted job boards for publishers, professional associations and specialist niche markets.

We would be pleased to work with you from problem analysis over web strategy to recruitment solutions.


We believe in the open source way and our main contribution is the Recruiter distribution that builds on many common Drupal modules that we help to develop. Our expertise led us to the following projects:

We also have a policy to make any patches needed for Drupal core or other contributed projects explicit, which means that we publish them and try to get them fixed.

Some other contributions:

  • Sponsoring of Drupalcamp Vienna 2009, 2013 and 2015
  • Google Summer of Code mentoring for Drupal since several years
  • Presentations and talks on many Drupalcons and Drupalcamps

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1 Maintainer: douggreen Downloads: 1013436 Stars: 57 SA coverage: covered
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5 Maintainer: drumm Downloads: 379829 Stars: 11 SA coverage: covered
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7 Maintainer: dasjo Downloads: 123381 Stars: 6 SA coverage: covered
8 Maintainer: mh86 Downloads: 41277 Stars: 6 SA coverage: covered
9 Maintainer: klausi Downloads: 14374 Stars: 5 SA coverage: covered
10 Maintainer: fubhy Downloads: 85860 Stars: 129 SA coverage: covered
11 Maintainer: mh86 Downloads: 639 Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
12 Maintainer: joaogarin Downloads: 1635 Stars: 1 SA coverage: covered
13 Maintainer: sepgil Downloads: 1338 Stars: 2 SA coverage: covered
14 Maintainer: sepgil Downloads: 1332 Stars: 9 SA coverage: not covered
15 Maintainer: klausi Downloads: 206 Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
16 Maintainer: sepgil Downloads: 75 Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
17 Maintainer: hideaway Downloads: 187 Stars: 3 SA coverage: not covered