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Leon, Nicaragua


Nicaragua, United States


MTech is a Drupal-only services company based out of Nicaragua. It hires locals to spur some economic development.

The company currently employs two Americans and several Nicaraguans and since the launch of D8 has focused a lot of its time on D8 migrations. It's lead developer, heddn, is from the USA (Midwest) but now lives and is active in the Nicaragua and Central America region, and is also a core maintainer.


Active involvement in the core and contrib issue queues. A few patches get rolled and/or RTBCed every week.

MTech's employees are active in the Nicaragua community, mentoring and in a lot, lot more.

Projects supported

# Project Maintainer Downloads Stars SA coverage
1 Maintainer: heddn Downloads: 221250 Stars: 31 SA coverage: covered
2 Maintainer: ezyang Downloads: 227623 Stars: 8 SA coverage: covered
3 Maintainer: BassistJimmyJam Downloads: 1995 Stars: 0 SA coverage: covered
4 Maintainer: larowlan Downloads: 4236 Stars: 0 SA coverage: covered
5 Maintainer: heddn Downloads: 7265 Stars: 5 SA coverage: covered
6 Maintainer: heddn Downloads: 2397 Stars: 1 SA coverage: covered
7 Maintainer: heddn Downloads: 3191 Stars: 0 SA coverage: covered
8 Maintainer: heddn Downloads: 395 Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
9 Maintainer: heddn Downloads: 514 Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
10 Maintainer: heddn Downloads: 5586 Stars: 0 SA coverage: covered
11 Maintainer: mikeryan Downloads: 1012847 Stars: 56 SA coverage: covered
12 Maintainer: heddn Downloads: 202 Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
13 Maintainer: mikeryan Downloads: 155731 Stars: 15 SA coverage: covered
14 Maintainer: heddn Downloads: 1461 Stars: 0 SA coverage: covered
15 Maintainer: heddn Downloads: 1792 Stars: 3 SA coverage: not covered
16 Maintainer: mikeryan Downloads: 946866 Stars: 45 SA coverage: covered
17 Maintainer: heddn Downloads: 497488 Stars: 32 SA coverage: covered
18 Maintainer: Berdir Downloads: 3980 Stars: 2 SA coverage: covered
19 Maintainer: hl17 Downloads: 1915 Stars: 8 SA coverage: covered
20 Maintainer: edysmp Downloads: Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
21 Maintainer: hestenet Downloads: 143 Stars: 34 SA coverage: covered