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Prins Boudewijnlaan 41, 2650 Edegem, Belgium




In the past ten years, we have gained large expertise in consulting organizations in various industries (check our Projects) on developing tailor made solutions using various open source tools and technologies. We are 100% focused on Drupal, but also have extensive Symfony, Laravel and PHP experience.
Each business case is different. Calibrate can complete your team and provide the answer to your questions, developing a tailor-made digital strategy and meeting your specific needs.

Calibrate offers complete Drupal website solutions such as:

  • Functional and technical analysis. Before starting development, a thorough analysis is required. Our analists and information architects have the right expertise for the job.
  • Custom Module development. "There's a module for that!" But... what if there isn't? We build it for you.
  • Backend integrations. We can integrate virtually any third-party system (database, user authentication, mailing lists, CRM, HR, DMS...) into Drupal.
  • Responsive Webdesign and Front-end Theming for your new or old Drupal website.
  • Data migrations. We migrate your old data, transform it and import it into your new Drupal website.
  • Drupal Consultancy. We can provide support for your own team on long or short term projects.
  • Website audits. How performant is your website? Is it secure? Can it be improved? Let us analyse and review.
  • Acquia solutions. As Acquia Enterprise Partner, we're ready to manage your most ambitious projects.
  • Drupal Training. Beginner, Advanced or Expert user? Our Drupal professionals are ready to help and train you as needed. We're also Acquia Training Partner.

Want to know more about us? Visit www.calibrate.be


Our developers are given the opportunity to attend events like DrupalCamp, DrupalCon, Drupal User Groups, DevDays etc. (London, Munich, Austin, Szeged, Copenhagen, Chicago, Brussels).
But besides that, Calibrate is a solid contributor to the community. A few examples:

DrupalCamp Ghent 2012
We gave a lecture about importing data using Views bulk operations and another one about Domain.

DrupalCamp Leuven 2013
Silver Sponsor
We gave a lecture about Drupal Security.

DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014
Silver Sponsor

DrupalCamp Ghent 2014
Platinum Sponsor
We gave a lecture about Drupal back end Usability. Watch the video.
We shared one of our business cases: LeasePlan (corporate website + MyLeasePlan platform). Watch the video.

Marketing contributions
For DrupalCamp Ghent we made 'do-not-disturb'-Drupal door hangers and made our own Drupal Coffee!
We gave away free Raspberry Pi's to fellow Drupal fans at the Calibrate booth!

Want more?
Please visit www.calibrate.be to find out more about our services, projects and contributions to Drupal.

Projects supported

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1 Search API attachments izus 142389 18 covered
2 Views Filter Display Results svdhout 0 not covered
3 dragndrop kriboogh 0 not covered
4 Module install kriboogh 1608 0 covered
5 keycuts kriboogh 766 0 covered
6 Field info kriboogh 2473 0 covered
7 Role mimic Sneakyvv 0 not covered
8 Taxonomy Sections svdhout 0 not covered
9 Ckeditor Magic svdhout 0 not covered
10 Menu content Sneakyvv 0 not covered
11 Paragraph panes Sneakyvv 2753 3 covered
12 Google Analytics Counter Search API Sneakyvv 508 0 not covered
13 Content Moderation Scheduler svdhout 0 not covered
14 Paragraphs frontend ui svdhout 1299 36 not covered