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Belgium, Herentals


Belgium, Netherlands, Europe, the Middle East, Africa


Building the future together

Intracto is an innovative digital services group in the Benelux, combining in-house expertise in the areas of technology, strategy, content and marketing. The digital agency has several offices in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Largest Drupal-team in the Benelux

With a dedicated team of over 80 Drupal-experts, Intracto’s clients can count on the largest Drupal-team in the Benelux to deliver their projects. We have more than 8 years of experience working with different versions of Drupal and currently maintain over 250 projects in Drupal 7 and 8.

Outstanding individual experts

With the first (and so far only) Belgian Acquia-certified Drupal 8 Grand Masters in its ranks, combined with front-end experts (and even a member of the Bootstrap core team), Intracto is the go-to agency for digital projects of all sizes and natures.

Extensive in-house knowledge on different domains

Our strength also lies in our full-service nature, combining technological expertise with a leading position in other domains such as strategy and marketing. We are strongly focused on innovation on all domains and aim to share our expertise through workshops and events.


At Intracto, we hold knowledge sharing in high regard and encourage our experts to contribute to the Drupal community. Not only to expand the possibilities of Drupal, but also the minds of our experts. Aside from contributing we also support the community by organising user groups and sponsor a range of Drupal initiatives.

Always looking for Drupal talent

Intracto is always looking for new Drupal experts. We are constantly building and expanding the perfect team to deliver high-performance web platforms for our clients and we look forward to adding new talent to that team. Check out our Drupal jobs!

Fast-growing digital agency

Intracto was founded in 2005 and helps build the business of national and international clients, such as Knauf Insulation, Akzo Nobel, Canon, Alphabet, Michelin, Brussels Airport, Manna, Quick-Step, Torfs, Media Markt, Kom Op Tegen Kanker and Volvo. Thanks to an organic growth of no less than 30% per year, Intracto was elected national winner of Trends Gazellen in the SME category in 2019.

Drupal Voor Gemeenten

As co-initiator and head developer of the Drupal voor Gemeenten distribution (DvG) Intracto also has realised websites for over 25 Dutch municipalities, like Vught.nl and Delft.nl. DvG is built around the top tasks model, putting easy and efficient online services front and center.

Projects supported

# Project Maintainer Downloads Stars SA coverage
1 Nodeblock Johnny vd Laar 179604 2 covered
2 APC - Alternative PHP Cache slantview 104427 0 not covered
3 Role Delegation benjy 385928 29 covered
4 Search API drunken monkey 2941138 144 covered
5 Current Search Links Johnny vd Laar 8997 1 covered
6 Context path breadcrumb Johnny vd Laar 4618 0 covered
7 JIRA Issue Collector kasperg 32062 0 covered
8 Drush locale sync Johnny vd Laar 7292 6 covered
9 Drupal voor Gemeenten ralphvdhoudt 20075 7 covered
10 Entityblock Johnny vd Laar 7755 4 covered
11 Referral Spam Killer dazz 0 not covered
12 Block HTTP Referer guntervs 0 not covered
13 Commerce Checkout Combine Status Messages JeroenT 0 not covered
14 Disable Field ajay_reddy 16920 6 covered
15 Content Callback Views Filter Block LammensJ 0 not covered
16 Mask Money LammensJ 0 not covered
17 Webform Translation Johnny vd Laar 2965 0 covered
18 DvG StUF-BG askibinski 1495 0 covered
19 DvG StUF-BG tokens askibinski 646 0 not covered
20 DvG Webform Component Collections askibinski 780 0 covered
21 DvG Webform Components askibinski 1556 0 covered
22 CKEditor Markdown JeroenT 11803 8 covered
23 Webform Purge bfry 2390 1 covered
24 System Tags LammensJ 1125 9 covered
25 CKEditor block image paste askibinski 665 3 covered
26 Data Attribute Gmap flyke 284 1 not covered
27 DvG Search Overheid.nl TVoesenek 280 0 covered
28 Webform Hubspot Handler screon 0 not covered
29 Role Test Accounts idebr 5646 0 not covered
30 Light SAML Identity Provider StefanPr 16 2 not covered
31 Webform IBAN field JoshaHubbers 63 0 covered
32 System Tags Breadcrumb JeroenT 25 1 not covered
33 DvG Authentication paulvandenburg 41 0 covered
34 Entity Type Behaviors mheip 24 5 covered
35 Overview Builder JeroenT 18 3 covered
36 Language switcher enhanced Zerdiox 14 1 not covered
37 Prevent homepage deletion JoshaHubbers 1 covered
38 Entity repository PeterLemmens 1 not covered