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Atlanta, Georgia


Canada, India, United States, Americas, Asia-Pacific


Specbee is a Drupal development company specializing in building digital solutions that enable you to achieve your business objectives. We have provided Drupal based solutions to our clients across various sectors that have helped them address complex digital challenges. Brands such as Ericsson, Flipkart (owned by Walmart), [24]7 inc and other large enterprises consider us their technology partner when it comes to building and maintaining their critical Drupal based applications/sites. Our full range of services include Drupal design, Drupal development, migration, upgrade, cloud deployment and 24X7 support and maintenance.

Specbee is the perfect partner for you if:

  • Your Drupal site(s) is critical to your business and you are looking for dedicated resources to manage and evolve your Drupal sites.
  • You have a new service initiative in mind and are looking for a team who can strategize, architect, design and deliver this in the form of a scalable and robust application built over Drupal.
  • You already have a team and you are looking at augmenting it by collaborating with a Drupal expert(s).
  • You already own a site/application that you now want to migrate to Drupal 8 and are looking for experts to assist with strategy and implementation.

Speak to our team today about your project.

The Specbee team is a reliable partner for Drupal development.

- Melvyn Lewis, Director- Web Marketing, [24]7

The Team: Our rapidly growing team consists of over 50 developers working on Drupal projects. We not only have acquia certified developers in our team but also have a systematic program in place that is aimed at getting a majority of our developers acquia certified. We are one of the top contributors to the Drupal project and a premium supporting partner of the Drupal association.

Our Office Locations: Atlanta, New York, Bangalore.

Our Clients: Ericsson, 24/7 inc, UX Magazine, Great Southern Homes, Flipkart, Maximus Airlines, Larsen and Toubro, Narayana Health, Tangentia, IT Trailblazers, Morning cart, MSPL and many more.



  • Among the most active contributors to Drupal
  • Premium Supporting Partner of Drupal Association
  • Our Team has made several commits to the Drupal core
  • Our Team supports over 35 projects.
  • 300+ content assets on the Specbee blog highlighting best Drupal practices, latest trends, feature implementations on Drupal and project learnings
  • Hosted Drupal Monthly Meetups

Projects Patched

Projects supported

# Project Maintainer Downloads Stars SA coverage
1 About.me imalabya 1334 0 covered
2 Popup Dialog imalabya 2918 6 covered
3 Taxonomy Delete imalabya 16519 1 covered
4 PWS Tabs imalabya 0 not covered
5 Pixel Theme imalabya 4527 6 covered
6 DBLog Filter harika gujjula 873 3 covered
7 Imagine imalabya 0 not covered
8 Facetapi Bootstrap Dropdown Widget zuhair_ak 310 0 not covered
9 Zaakpay for Payment princekr164 100 0 not covered
10 PhonePe prashdev 123 2 not covered
11 AgencyOS jmcerda 0 not covered
12 Medium Theme imalabya 69391 1 covered
13 Responsive Views Grid imalabya 1279 3 covered
14 MongoDB Sync imalabya 0 not covered
15 Beauty Blog Theme pradosh15 0 not covered
16 Open Portal johnny_aroza 195 1 not covered
17 Open Portal Core johnny_aroza 56 0 not covered
18 Open Portal Landing Page johnny_aroza 0 not covered
19 Maps Block johnny_aroza 163 1 covered
20 Open Portal Events johnny_aroza 0 not covered
21 Open Portal Paragraphs harika gujjula 0 not covered
22 Open Portal Article sdxt 0 not covered
23 Unique entity title imalabya 102 2 covered
24 Recruitment management system imalabya 0 not covered
25 Floating status message imalabya 0 not covered
26 REST Entity Index imalabya 90 1 covered
27 Open Portal Media imalabya 0 not covered
28 Vivid pradosh15 0 not covered
29 Open Portal User imalabya 0 not covered
30 Sticky task tabs imalabya 0 not covered
31 Open Portal Portfolio gurukiran_d 0 not covered
32 Void - Multipurpose theme imalabya 17 0 covered
33 Remote field imalabya 0 not covered
34 Cosmic harika gujjula 0 not covered
35 Image Compression Mithun S 8 2 not covered
36 Smart Blogs Mithun S 0 not covered
37 Status Messages Neslee Canil Pinto 0 not covered