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Canada, United States


A web agency focused on data-informed & human-centric solutions at every stage of a website’s lifecycle. We design, build, and support websites for clients that want to make a positive impact.

Our team members have designed and built hundreds of Drupal & WordPress projects, from single-paged static websites to feature rich and highly complex websites. Our work is user-focused and built for easy access to information, ensuring high conversion rates.

We are currently 44 employees strong. All Kanopi employees are senior level with a minimum of eight years experience in their chosen technology, and each over ten years each on the web. We're also fully distributed, which means we look for the best designer, developer, and project manager regardless of where they are in North America. We’re located on the internet, and so is our fantastic team.


Kanopi Studios built Mukurtu 2.0 with funding from CoDA and WSU.

Jim Birch, Technical Lead
Maintainer of Bootstrap Paragraphs, Bootstrap Pages, Foundation Pages, SEO Starter, and Slack to Drupal. Contributor to Features Builder, Metatag, and Schema.org Metatag. Frequent presenter.

Anne Bonham, Drupal Developer
Maintainer of Drupal 7 Forms API guide, Story module, and Bay Area Drupal Camp volunteer.

Mark Casias, Drupal Tech Lead
Maintainer of Smart Trim module and co-maintainer of ABQ Webgeeks and Albuquerque Drupal Users Group.

Sean Dietrich, Drupal Developer
Developer/Volunteer of the Bay Area Drupal Camp. Badcamp 2017 Presentation, Maintainer of SEG module. Member of SF Drupal User Group and Sacramento Drupal User Group.

Shiraz Dindar, Senior Drupal Developer
Maintainer of Scald Services.

Blanca Esqueda,Drupal Architect & Tech Lead and an Acquia certified Grand Master
Maintainer of Content Synchronization module and documentation guide.

AmyJune Hineline, Community Ambassador and QA Engineer
Maintainer of BADCamp, SFDUG, and Easy Breadcrumb. Co-Organizer of the A11yTalks meet-up, and organizer and volunteer at several Drupal camps across North America.

Will Jackson, Drupal Engineer
Maintainer of Node Watch, and Commerce Manual Payment. Organizer of South Carolina Drupal Users Group.

Jason Savino, Senior Drupal Architect and Engineer
Maintainer of jQuery Mobile module, Mobile jQuery Theme, Nifty 50, jQuery Mobile UI, Faster Permissions, Excluded, and many others.

Paul Sheldrake, Senior Drupal Engineer
Maintainer of Cloudflare Bypass module.

Anne Stefanyk, CEO
Lead organizer of Bay Area Drupal Camp and San Francisco Drupal User's Group. Helps organize summits and presents at various North America DrupalCons and regional camps.

Projects supported

# Project Maintainer Downloads Stars SA coverage
1 Maintainer: sonemonu Downloads: 464641 Stars: 53 SA coverage: covered
2 Maintainer: newsignature Downloads: 578171 Stars: 41 SA coverage: covered
3 Maintainer: bhosmer Downloads: Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
4 Maintainer: Shiraz Dindar Downloads: Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
5 Maintainer: drnikki Downloads: Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
6 Maintainer: thejimbirch Downloads: 60825 Stars: 74 SA coverage: covered
7 Maintainer: Blanca.Esqueda Downloads: 27834 Stars: 72 SA coverage: covered
8 Maintainer: thejimbirch Downloads: 480 Stars: 7 SA coverage: not covered
9 Maintainer: sean_e_dietrich Downloads: 251 Stars: 3 SA coverage: not covered
10 Maintainer: thejimbirch Downloads: 249 Stars: 7 SA coverage: not covered
11 Maintainer: paulsheldrake Downloads: 47 Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
12 Maintainer: drnikki Downloads: Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
13 Maintainer: drnikki Downloads: Stars: 1 SA coverage: not covered
14 Maintainer: paulsheldrake Downloads: 7 Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered
15 Maintainer: thejimbirch Downloads: Stars: 0 SA coverage: not covered