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Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Germany, Iceland, Spain, Europe, the Middle East, Africa


1xINTERNET your Drupal agency in Germany, Spain and Iceland.

At 1xINTERNET we offer complete service for companies wanting to reach their goals on the Internet. We are our clients companion through all the steps that are necessary to great success. Our team has an extensive expertise in drupal-web-development plus all the other important skills needed to implement your web project. We have built close to 200 web solutions for our clients using Drupal. The most important factor of executing a successful web project is to not take any shortcuts. Well planned projects starting with knowing the business goals, creating a content strategy, knowing the user, plan the UX structure thoroughly combined with a creative design and well built backend and frontend is the key to a successful delivery of a project. If this is done correctly and followed up with planned tracking and monthly analysis we can guarantee that everyone will benefit, the client, the user and our staff.

We enjoy meeting interesting new clients and we love good coffee, so please swing by if you are in Frankfurt, Berlin, Conil or Reykjavik.

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  • One of the creators of deGov, a distribution for the German government.
  • Our co-founder Baddy is a board member of the Drupal Association
  • One of main organisers of Drupal Europe 2018.
  • We co-founded the Icelandic Drupal-user-group (Link to group),
  • we organized the first Icelandic Drupal camp - the Northern Lights Drupal camp #dcnlights,
  • regularly organize Drupal-meetups in the Rhein-Main area,
  • talk about drupal-related subjects on webconferences in Europe,
  • were co-organizers and silver-sponsors of Drupal-Camp Frankfurt 2014
  • and have held many talks in Drupal conferences and camps.

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1 OpenEDU: Powered by Acquia Lightning sherakama 9132 22 covered
2 Styled Google Map iampuma 30330 18 covered
3 Toastr chertzog 642 0 not covered
4 develmail iampuma 0 not covered
5 deGov Dr. Christian Knebel 3454 23 covered
6 Testdistro iampuma 0 not covered
7 Date Week Range japicoder 899 5 covered
8 Commerce Valitor facine 0 not covered
9 Web accessibility breidert 99 1 not covered
10 Image edit breidert 195 3 not covered
11 Draggable dashboard breidert 1375 14 not covered
12 Editable breidert 570 4 not covered
13 Group Media a.dmitriiev 1445 8 not covered
14 reCAPTCHA V3 dench0 622 1 not covered
15 Advanced Insert View a.dmitriiev 152 9 not covered
16 Commerce recurring shipping support a.dmitriiev 153 3 not covered
17 Lazysizes breidert 3 not covered
18 Stackpath CDN breidert 0 not covered
19 IceKey baddysonja 0 not covered
20 Commerce PEI stefanweber 1 not covered