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Oslo, Norway




About me

I am an information architect and full stack developer doing Drupal site development and customization as well as providing various types of website hosting. I work with freelancers for tasks I cannot do my self, such as illustrations and custom artwork.

My typical customer is an individual, a small company or an NGO requiring a secure and robust website supporting specific business objectives created to order, on a limited budget.

How I can help

I assist in all phases of your web publishing project - from ideation to daily operations. If you already have a web site, we shall assist you with converting its existing content to a new publishing platform.

Free-lance opportunities

We're looking for a free-lance developer to re-implement an existing Android app creating using Android Studio to Visual Studio Xamarin to run on both Android and iOS. The app is currently using Grails as a back end, the new version should communicate with Drupal 7.


If want to contribute to our ongoing development of free modules for Drupal, you may do so by using this link to donate using Paypal.


We sponsor the development and maintenance of a number of contributed projects, including Advanced help, Anonymous publishing, Customerror, Fix teaserlinks, Flexi access, Freelinking, Node noindex, and Notify.

Projects supported

# Project Maintainer Downloads Stars SA coverage
1 Notify matt2000 62613 7 covered
2 Quotes gisle 36845 2 not covered
3 Customerror kbahey 107709 4 covered
4 Freelinking mradcliffe 69649 8 covered
5 Advanced Help gisle 1568904 16 covered
6 Anonymous Publishing gisle 11857 5 covered
7 File integrity check gisle 2498 3 not covered
8 Flexi access gisle 22405 4 covered
9 Node Noindex gisle 12764 2 covered
10 Views Slideshow Configurable Controls David Stosik 25886 0 covered
11 Fix Teaserlinks gisle 1677 1 covered
12 Flexi Login free-radical 52 0 not covered
13 Src whitelist gisle 160 1 covered
14 Name Redactor gisle 57 0 covered
15 Robot monitor gisle 76 0 covered
16 Phone Field gisle 834 0 covered
17 Project Documentation gisle 158 0 covered