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Cracow, Poland


Poland, Europe, the Middle East, Africa


Abventor is a Drupal-focused agency present on the market since 2010. We work on projects for small, local companies as well as big corporations from all around the world. While developing applications we use our UX and SEO skills to make sure the projects are well-developed in every aspect. We work using best practices of continuous integration and delivery.

Our team consists of talented programmers, system engineers, and project managers. We provide help and consulting at every stage of a project, adjusting it to the clients’ requirements and individual needs. We create innovative and functional projects, offering the best solutions, fitted to the ever-changing market and specific character of each commercial enterprise.


We want to be an active player in the Open Source world - be the Open Source Company and help Drupal to growth on many levels.

We publish patches and modules for Drupal (Abventor sponsors this work).
We require from our team-mates to contribute, and this is one of the factors we use to evaluate the progress.

We promote Drupal to the students at the university.
We are the founders of Drupal Krakow Community.
We support the Drupal Association, Drupal Marketing Poland.

And we have many further plans :)

Projects supported

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1 Rate mauritsl 218196 30 covered
2 Sieroty groovy354 120 0 not covered
3 Merge translations lamp5 425 3 covered
4 Trackduck Integration lamp5 79 0 covered
5 Address Display lamp5 101 7 not covered
6 Tester Helper Kamil Serafin 0 not covered
7 Toastify lamp5 94 2 not covered
8 Hanging Conjunctions Filter Krzysztof Domański 28 2 covered
9 Improve Line Breaks Filter Krzysztof Domański 1 covered
10 Field Formatter Extend Kamil Serafin 0 not covered