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St. Louis Park, MN; Dallas, TX; Vadodara and Bangalore, India; Dubai, UAE


It takes a lot to create a better digital experience. It requires the collective know-how of those who can create something smart, transformative and downright dazzling. That’s why Horizontal is gathering the best minds and practices, the just-right combination of creative and tech, to create customer experiences that make brands like yours invincible. With deep expertise in Drupal and Acquia, we offer the full lifecycle of digital marketing services – from strategic planning to user experience design to technical implementation and post-launch managed support.


Our team includes long-time community members who've contributed to both Drupal Core and Drupal Contrib, as well as being actively involved in the local community. From organizing user groups to planning Drupal Camp Twin Cities since its inception in 2011. We were a Platinum Sponsor for Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2019.

We've contributed several modules including JSnippet and Acquia DAM Asset Importer.

We also help provide support on Drupal Slack and publish educational posts on our Blog.

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